Women Post Pictures of Their Boobs to Share Support For Developments in Science


Oh boobs.

Thirty-year-old Lara Tait has launched Boobs for Science, a blog and Facebook page designed to call attention to developments in science. And women all over Italy are happy to contribute.

The blog carries the tagline "Where reason fails, boobs have a chance." Women are asked to post pictures of their breasts along with signs about science which, to date, have included support for Rosetta, the European Space Agency, GMOs and others.

As to whether or not the effort might be seen in any way as sexist, Tait says, "A woman is free to do what she wants with her own body, also put it to the service of science if she wants."

The effort was kicked off with an image and sign which read, "25 per cent of Italians deny the theory of evolution. In the US, it's 60 per cent." Many images include the hashtag #iostoconrosetta - meaning "I am with Rosetta."

and while breasts are the central focus of the effort, men, too, have joined in and are posting images of their chests and butts. Yes, there is nudity.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-14   Click to Comment   
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