Why You Need To Be A Time Clock Wizard


Time Clock Wizard (TCW) is a free attendance monitoring system that allows you to create work schedules for your employees. Aside from tracking your teams, this system will help you create timesheets, and keep your payroll in order. It's also designed to give back time to human resources teams and managers so that they can focus on revenue generating activities for your company.

But, what are the other advantages of Time Clock Wizard? Read this article to find out more about the 9 benefits of using Time Clock Wizard for your organization.

1. Saving Time

Companies across the world waste a lot of resources working out how much time their employees spend at work. While doing this manually can work for small teams, imagine having to do it for a multi-million dollar corporation with thousands of employees.

Time Clock Wizard is an automated time monitoring system meaning that it does everything for you. With TCW, you simply have to give your employees adequate training so they use the software. The outcome is an automated report that you can use to make payments, track hours, among other features.

2. Reducing Error

If you have a dedicated human resources team that tracks the attendance of each and every one of your employees, they're far more likely to make mistakes in the long run. With TCW, the possibility of human error is practically nil. In fact, the average automated monitoring system has an error rate of less than 1%. This is because TCW minimizes the need for manual manipulation.

3. Saving Money

Traditionally, companies would create dedicated payroll teams to record everyone's attendance within a company and to make sure everyone gets paid on time and in full. But, this method can cost a small fortune, especially if you have a large team.

By using TCW, you'll be able to cut down on your overall company costs. Aside from not having to employ more team members to get the job done, you also won't have the overhead associated with a larger office, i.e. bills, maintenance, and so on.

4. Increasing Productivity

Today, the majority of employees are given the task of keeping track of their own attendance. Basically, they're expected to arrive at the office at a specific hour and stay until the end of the day - as is stated in their employment contracts.

But, there are two issues with this method. Firstly, you have to trust that your employees will arrive as scheduled and stay for their designated amount of time. Additionally, manually keeping track of attendance leaves more space for error. They also have to invest part of their day filling in timesheets.

Attendance monitoring software like TCW means that employees can't cheat the system. Also, because of the system's high accuracy rate, you'll get a full overview of everyone's attendance and your employees won't have to invest any time into filling in timesheets, giving them more time to invest into their actual jobs.

5. Promoting Honesty

Time Clock Wizard will help you promote honesty within your workplace. With it, you'll completely eliminate employee time stealing. This combined with facial snapshots upon clock in as well as GPS and IP location restrictions mean that employees can no longer punch in for their colleagues and you can be sure that your team members are on location when clocking in.

6. Keeping in Close Contact With Your Team

But, TCW is far more than an attendance monitoring system. With it, you can also keep close contact with your team via push notifications. You can also send individual and team messages, schedules, and generally collaborate on projects with complete fluidity. You can also receive and approve time off requests, shift changes and switch requests.

7. Staying Compliant

Now, there are different federal and state laws concerning time tracking and the storing of employee records. With TCW, you no longer have to worry about meeting these requirements. In fact, the system keeps logs of everything so that if anyone comes knocking, you can pull all the relevant data up with the click of a button.

8. Maintaining Employee Accountability

With TCW, you no longer have to micromanage all your team members. Instead, the system helps maintain a level of employee accountability by sending you mobile manager notifications for events. These will tell you if an employee clocks in early or late. They also tell you when employees clock out as well.

9. Keeping Track of Projects

Keeping track of projects can be time-consuming and near impossible without a project management team on board to make it happen. But, with TCW's task management feature, you can create full task schedules in less than 10 minutes.

This task management system will help you keep your employees on task. With it, you can create and assign tasks and due dates to different team members. Not only this, employees can take notes, communicate with others assigned to the same project, and upload files.

Start using Time Clock Wizard today.

Time Clock Wizard is more than an attendance monitoring system. The software allows you to create the ultimate schedule for your teams so that they remain as productive as possible. If you want to save time, money, and increase productivity in your company, visit Time Clock Wizard today.

This guest article was provided by Time Clock Wizard

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