Why Businesses are Outsourcing Link Building to UK Link Building Companies And Agencies


One of the most reliable ways of ensuring that the ranking of your website in Google search results is high is through building a strong backlink profile of your website. Companies and businesses have been using various methods to increase backlinks to their sites and strengthen their SEO. Rather, companies have been running dedicated campaigns to build a versatile and prolific backlink profile of their websites.

However, because of the fast-paced developments in the field of link building, such exercises and campaigns are increasingly becoming a stronghold of highly skilled professionals. Companies and businesses whose core job is something else do not find it easy to run such dedicated campaigns all by themselves.

Moreover, to run the link building operations smoothly and on a sound footing that is by employing only ethical methods of doing this, companies are increasingly outsourcing link building tasks to UK link building companies/agencies. By doing so, they can leverage the knowledge and expertise of their link building partners and free themselves from the tasks that are not their core concern or relate to their core skills or offerings.

There are some distinct advantages of outsourcing link building campaigns to UK link building companies/agencies, you can view this for more. Besides, the following factors work in favor of outsourcing link building campaigns to UK link building companies/agencies.

1. Cost-effective

Building a strong backlink profile for your business website can be a time consuming and cost-intensive exercise if you undertake the entire operation in-house. Additionally, this can be a huge and burdensome task for your IT team which may not have adequate expertise to handle the task on hand. To understand the amount of work that has to be done, you will need some understanding of different methods by which such link building exercises can be carried out.

White hat & black hat approach: The two are the most effective ways of building a backlink profile for your website. However, the white hat is a completely ethical way of doing it while the black hat is not, and therefore Google would not approve this. In the white cap approach, your link building team creates content in which other sites could be interested. After this, your team invites all those websites by writing emails to link back to your website for their audiences to access the content. Getting backlinks through this approach is time-consuming and would cost the companies in terms of manpower spent on the task. Many a time, such link building happens through monetary deals where the companies need to spend money. By outsourcing the work to specialized agencies, the companies can get the work done in a cost-effective manner.

2. Outsourcing to stay clear of unethical methods

As mentioned above, black hat methods of building link are unethical and therefore, puts your campaign on a slippery footing. Why people and businesses resort to black hat techniques is because they are fast and cheap ways of building links. There are other methods as well which can promptly make you a strong backlink profile such as using the Russian website Sape where you can buy and sell backlinks. However, there have been widespread allegations that Sape allows its team of hackers to place your links in all intended websites by hacking and illegally breaching their security. All these means would land you in trouble if Google spots these malpractices and trace your steps. This would defeat the very purpose why you had approved the link building campaign in the very first place. By outsourcing the task to a reputed outsourcing company, you can minimize such risks by clearly putting forth your terms and conditions. At the same time, outsourcing companies would avoid all such unethical methods as these would dent their reputation.

3. Leveraging on your partner's expertise

The Internet is a fast-changing environment that is not easy to keep pace with. There are so many new things happening every minute that your IT team would not be able to even know if it is not their core business. However, link building outsourcing companies are constantly updating and upskilling themselves with the new changes.


There are some unbeatable advantages of engaging a link building company for your backlink campaign. Leveraging on their core competence is one of them and a compelling one. Another advantage is their being highly cost-effective.

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