Farm Equipment Maker Joins iPod Giveaway Party


Just so we're clear "hip" New York companies aren't the only ones giving away iPods, New Holland, PA-based farm equipment company New Holland will load up an iPod with pictures, audio and video from the corn and soybean convention, Commodity Classic, held this week in Anaheim, CA. Also loaded on the iPod will be the new CD from country singer Michael Peterson currently available only on the iPod and at New Holland dealerships. Not that's a seriously country-focused promotion. You can enter to win your country-powered iPod at New Holland's booth at the show or at the company's website.

by Steve Hall    Feb-27-06    
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The Hills Have More Than Just Eyes

hills1.JPG gets pitched by Fox Searchlight for its upcoming horror flick, The Hills Have Eyes, with a styrofoam-encased delicacy most, other than horror movie fans, would rather not see. See what's inside here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-24-06    
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HBO's 'Big Love' Gets Wedding Cake Love


To promote HBO's upcoming series, Big Love, a drama starring Bill Paxton which centers on polygamy, HBO online agency Deep Focus sends along a unique, in-house promotion HBO is doing that places little signs promoting the show atop wedding cakes in display windows of bakeries. Pretty nifty if you ask us. See a close up image here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
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Rockvertising Reaches Those Living Under A Rock


Noting how a friend explained no one needs any more promotions reminding one Valentine's day is tomorrow unless that person lives under a rock, David Berkowitz wittily coined the term "rockvertising to reach those who have simply left the building and disconnected from society. Berkowitz states igneous rocks work best at reaching the elusive 18-35 year old male and he would be happy to craft a well-form rockvertising program for you.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
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Eggs to Become Billboard Space For Advertisers


While we've seen food-engraving advertising before, Advertising For Peanuts points us to EggFusion, a company which hopes to etch millions of messages on millions of eggs for millions of advertisers for millions of dollars to reach millions of consumers. It won't be long before PETA does a roadblock buy and every egg in the country is emblazoned with "Murderer! Don't Eat This Egg!"

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-06    
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SnackShotz Makes Boring Product Exciting


Now here's a way to market a boring product like dog treats. Rather than try to espouse the tastiness of the treat - which is clearly a lie - just couple the product with dog treat launch gun called Snackshotz as you laugh your way to the bank while your dog treat competitors utter a collective, "Huh?", as your sales skyrockets past theirs.

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-06    
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Coke, Fox, 'Sporting News' Launch 'Best Damn Guide to Football'


Sporting News and Fox Sports Net have teamed to create the "Best Damn Guide to Football," a guide to all things football, sponsored by Coca-Cola North America's Full Throttle Energy Drink. Starting this week, three million copies of the 12-page, 4x6-inch guide will be distributed for free at convenience stores across the country when customers purchase Full Throttle. The booklet features short items and articles that range from Super Bowl history to best player nicknames, tailgating recipes and advice for throwing an "estrogen-free" Super Bowl Party.

The "Best Damn Sports Show Period" hosts ­Chris Rose, John Salley, Rodney Peete and Rob Dibble ­also share their opinions about the most important football facts, as well as the hottest cheerleaders. The guide will also be inserted in Sporting News magazine's February 3rd Super Bowl preview issue, hitting newsstands on January 25th.

by Steve Hall    Jan-20-06    
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'Coolertising' Provides Free Water


AquaCell Media has expanded its water cooler advertising program beyond retail stores to hair salons and law offices. AquaCell provides free water cooler to establishments and earns revenue from the ads it places on the water coolers. Currently, the hair salons are carrying ads for the new CBS comedy "Courting Alex," while Esquire Deposition Service, a Hobart West company, will be advertising on the coolers installed in law offices.

by Steve Hall    Jan-11-06    
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Spammers Thanked For Increasing Penis Size


Friend and fellow industry mate Rick Bruner has created the perfect holiday gift for your favorite spammer. In appreciation for all those thought spammers who have dramatically increased the size of man's manhood the world over, Bruner created a T-shirt with the slogan, "$pam made my p3n1s bigger." You can also get the message on teddy bears, dog t-shirts, thongs and lots of other styles.

Be sure to buy one for every spammer that spams you each day. That ought to make Mr. Bruner a very rich man.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
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Free 411 Service New Ad Medium


While it's so easy to press 411 instead of looking for that old fashioned thing they call the Phone Book, there's always a bit of pain each month as you check your land and cell phone bills which usually contain more than a few over-priced 411 charges. A relatively new service, called 1-800-FREE411 intends to eliminate that pain and, at the same time, create a new ad medium.

1-800-FREE411 is a free 411 service that is supported by advertising. When callers dial the number, a computer voice welcomes them to 1-800-FREE411 and asks for the city, state, business or residence and attempts to get the number. If it can't, a human operator finds the number. While the number is being found, which, of course, doesn't take nine seconds, a nine second ad plays giving the caller the choice to respond to the ad or simply get the number they wanted in the first place. Advertisers pay for ads only when callers "dial through" in response to the ad.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-29-05    
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