Even Experienced Drinkers Get Hangovers, HANG Cures All Ills


You've gotta love a country that isn't politically correct 24/7 by shying away from the fact people drink alcohol. Oh sure, Americans drink all kinds of alcohol on a regular basis but we like to equate drinking to some artificial social status or lifestyle and we never, ever talk about getting a hangover. After all, everyone in America has been beaten over the head with the "drink responsibly" message.

While Sky Vodka did tout it's hangover-free qualities several years back but, for the most part, we don't like to talk about the simple fact alcohol makes you drunk and gives you a hangover if you drink too much of the stuff.

In Thailand, having a hangover isn't good either and amateur drinkers are referred to as "weak throats." But, getting drunk, according to this HANG anti-hangover beverage campaign, and surviving to tell about it the next morning is touted as a supremely cool achievement.

With TV ads (here, here and here), weekly comic strips, radio, newspaper, events, PR and online, the campaign features would be out-of-commission-the-next-morning partiers who, after drinking HANG, show up to work the next day hangover-free and with stories to prove their nightclub guru status.

Leo Burnett Bangkok created the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-07   Click to Comment   
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