In Romania, They Still Send Snail Mail


After viewing this commercial for Romania's Post Office, we feel the need to go hand write a nice, long, heartfelt letter to the old college girlfriend telling her how much we still love her and how we that'll never happen but after watching this Tempo Advertising-created ad, you just might want to. Who knew writing a letter was such a big deal.

Who needs to pick up a pen when we've got email, IM and text? I mean writing an actual letter sounds like actual work! No one likes to work that hard any more. After all, we're living in an Idiocracy where everything's been so dumbed down beauty pageant contestants can't even string together a few sentences into a coherent statement. Parents pose online as teens to snoop into the lives of their children with not so great results. Good grades are rewarded with...a Happy Meal? WTF?

Oh wait, what were we talking about? Oh yea, a Romania Post Office commercial. It's good. Give it a watch. You might feel like writing a letter and actually make use of those words you last saw on your SAT test. Or maybe you'll just say "screw it," pick up your cell and txt your BFF "how r u? gr8 s c u 143 c u 2nite ttyl adbb."

by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-07   Click to Comment   
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