Mortgage Crisis 'Splained, More Sites Go Siteless, Car Porn Covered, Go Blog for Book Deals


- Kevin Horne reminded us of the existence of the Subprime Primer. All that fucked-up logic isn't just acid caricature. The mortgage crisis really happened this way.

- Modernista wasn't the only brand to go siteless. So has this Britney Spears fan site. And Jung von Matt in Stockholm.

- This Facebook app takes your existing profile pic and lets you turn it into a bar-hopping, casual-sex-having avatar. Okay, maybe not so much casual sex.

- Like cars? Aw, that's cute. See MTLB's NY Auto Show Car Porn Wrap-Up. We like it when he vents.

- SulAmerica Seguros, an auto insurance company in Rio de Janeiro, is encouraging people to ride bikes more. Irony, meet social responsibility. Handshakes all around.

- Universal Studios Hollywood is building a Simpson's ride. It goes public at the end of May. This maddening website is their promotional vehicle of choice.

- If you suffer from an inability to create good advertising, HANBOS gives you the remote control jammer, which disables the ability to change channels when ads come on. No word on whether it'll strap the audience down and pin eyes open too. But wouldn't that be neat?

- One really good reason to blog your ass off is the chance to score a book deal. No word on when; we're still waiting for ours. (Are you there, God? It's me, Adrants.)

by Angela Natividad    Mar-31-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Promotions   

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