iPhone Platformed, Dell Trashed, Blowjobs Kiboshed, Guns Wanted


- Want to amuse yourself for a few minutes with a stupid wrestling game? Head over to Anger Angle and beat the crap out of TNA wrestler Kurt Angle.

- Platform-A just launched an ad optimization system for the iPhone which "detects and delivers optimized ads on iPhones browsing the Web."

- George Parker lambastes the "first" Dell ad from Enfatico, writing, "A standard boiler-plate shot of a hard nosed bitch standing in cubicle hell with her Dell laptop clasped to her ample breast demanding protection for her 'data!'"

- Hints of blowjobs don't go over well with the MPAA which didn't take kindly to the poster for the Kevin Smith film Zack and Miri Make A Porno.

- The cultural divide between American and England is expressed with England's banning of a movie poster for the Angelina Jolie film which, according to complaints, glamorizes gun violence. America, the land where no one is allowed to have, no less talk about, sex didn't have a problem at all with the poster. Go NRA!

- On September 22, Generation Next, the Advertising Industry Job Fair & Leadership Conference will occur during Advertising Week at the Times Center beginning at 11 AM.

- Unilever has named former nestle and Procter & Gamble Executive Paul Polman CEO.

- Whrrl, a location-aware social networking and discovery service from Pelago, Inc.has announced it has signed a marketing agreement with Deep Focus to promote HBO's Entourage with an iPhone application.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Games   

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