Move Over Diesel. It's Time For Movie Boy


Ooo! Ooo! It's like Diesels' The Heides...but not. Check out Movie Boy from glue London for The Sun. There's DVD/s Lots and lot of DVDs. All to be watched 24/7 over the course of six and a half days.

The dets?

"His challenge is to see how many hours he can watch DVD's for. Viewers can guess how many hours, minutes and seconds he will watch over the whole week. At the end of the week, the closest guess will win 156 hours worth of DVD's or £1000!

You can watch him live online 24/7 (with a few surprises everyday - like Page 3 girls delivering his breakfast). You can chat live with other viewers. You can see what he's thinking via his status text box. Follow him on Facebook & Twitter [Ed. No links on the site though]. You can even vote and help decide which films he has to watch or what food he gets to eat."

OK so you can win something but what could be more boring that watching a dude watch movies. Oh yea, the Page 3 Girls. Sadly, they don't show up often enough to peak interest.

by Steve Hall    Jan-20-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Promotions   

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