Subservient Chicken + Steroids = Max My Dreams


For Johnson& Johnson's Pepcid AC, Barbarian Group, along with JWT New York, has launched Max My Dream, a site which transforms a visitor's dreams into an animated experience that can be shared. To do so, the agency built a custom language processor capable of recognizing more than 16 thousand keywords and how they relate to one another.

Much like the agency's famed Subvervient Chicken it created for Burger King, a visitor simply responds to the phrase, "I dreamed that...," and waits for the dream to be transformed into an animation. Some interpretations are better than others.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-21-11    
Topic: Online, Social

Verizon Thanks Customers Who Waited for the iPhone's Arrival


As you have already heard - for years, actually - the iPhone is coming to Verizon. On February 10, the carrier will begin selling the device on their network. In a new commercial, Verizon says, "To our millions of customers who never stopped believing this day would come, thank you." And with that, the flood gates are prepared to open.

It will be very interesting to see how many people rush to switch and how many new customers Verizon pulls in now that it offers the iPhone.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-21-11    

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