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5 Tips to Create and Manage Visual Content


Visual content is being used in a variety of ways to communicate. Large amounts of data are being packaged into easily consumable infographics. Videos are being used to tell dynamic stories. Even consumers, knowingly or not, are in on the visual content creation with sharing pictures of their interaction with products and brands. All of this content needs to be managed in order to be shared and used. Get the most out of your visual content with these 5 tips for managing visual content.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Tools

5 Basic Social Media Tips to Revamp Your Brand


Stuck in a virtual rut? Can't seem to gain any online traction?

Or did you stick your virtual social-media footprint in your virtual Twitter mouth? It's time for a social-media makeover.

Whether your engagement lags or you have a mess to clean up, here are a few tips and tricks to get that lifeblood transfusion for your social media presence.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-13    
Topic: Social

Four Ways to Differentiate Your Cold Beer From Every Other Cold Beer


We can imagine the the amount of head scratching that went on among Clemenger BBDO creatives after being briefed by Carlton on their new beer which is called...Carlton Cold. We're sure it was like, "Say what" Isn't all beer cold? How the hell are we going to differentiate this cold beer from every single other beer brand in the world?"

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13    
Topic: Campaigns

A&W Root Beer Hops on the Amazon Prime Air Spoof Train


They're coming out of the woodwork. Or, rather, infesting YouTube with their incredible lameness. Just today, we had this overly long SausageCopter deal. And now we have an even more lame Root Beer Float Drone Project from A&W Root Beer which claims to have been given birth in 2005.

We think it's time for all these spoofs to quietly dismiss themselves to the flashmob archive where they will make friends with prankvertising, assvertising, the Million Dollar Homepage, this guy, this girl, Second Life and Courtney Van Dunk.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13    
Topic: Spoofs

SausageCopter Pokes Fun at Amazon Prime Air


While there are a few funny moments in this redpepper-created Amazon Prime Air spoof, at two minutes in length, it's about 1:30 longer than it needs to be. In the spoof, a bunch of vegetarians are enjoying a very meatless gathering but one attendee thinks there should be more meat. He whips out his mobile app and orders up a few links of sausage to be delivered by the SausageCopter. And, yea, that's about it.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13    
Topic: Spoofs

This Amnesty International Movie Theater Stunt is Shockingly Un-Shocking


As movie theater stunts go, this one's pretty tame. But this one's for a good cause. For Amnesty International, Ukraine-based Tabasco created a stunt in the middle of a movie in which a bunch of guards enter the theater, arrest a guy and then arrest another guy (a lawyer) who attempts to question the arrest. The whole thing ends with the lights going down and a human rights violation message filling the screen.

Oddly, it's like everyone in the theater is in on the stunt, not just the arrested man, the lawyer and the guards. The level of calm is admirable given the entrance of a bunch of masked men in camouflage gear. Then again, maybe this is normal in the Ukraine.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Hundreds Disrobe And Roll Around on Giant White Sheets to Promote Health Brand


UK-based Man + Hatchet has created a beautiful stop motion video consisting of naked people who helped tell the story of Sam, a man who isn't a fan of his body. The army of nudity (which really isn't NSFW since it's shot from a distance) form an illustrated story touting the benefits of exercise for health brand Withings. It's like a kid's story book except with naked people. Tasteful naked people of course.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13    
Topic: Racy

10 Tips to Make your Facebook Content Newsfeed-Worthy


There's only one surefire way to reach the heart of your Facebook fans: the newsfeed. This tip sheet from social relationship management company Spredfast will provide you the pointers you need to insure your newsfeed content properly resonates with your customers and prospects and gets them to engage with your brand.

Download the tip sheet now and learn how to spruce up your facebook posts.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13    
Topic: Weblogs

That Washing Metro Ad Might Be Sexist But It Had No Choice


So the Washington Transit Authority ran an ad in which one woman says, "A Metrobus travels about 8,260 miles between breakdowns. Didn't know that, did you?" and another responds, "Can't we just talk about shoes?" It's being called sexist and has everyone's boxers in a bunch.

The ad might be sexist but that's not really the problem. It's just incredible lame creative. Like really, really bad. And if this scenario were to happen in real life and someone turned to you and told you how many miles a bus drove without a breakdown, you'd likely look at them and say "Who the fuck cares?" and then follow that up with something inane like, oh, asking if we can talk about shoes instead. So from that perspective, that ad is just mimicking life.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-13    
Topic: Policy

'Disabled' Mannequins Ponder the Notion of Perfection


In a moving exploration of perfection akin to recent Dove Beauty work, German agency Jung Von Matt/Limmat, working with fashion stores WE Fashion, modissa, PKZ, Schild and Bernies in Zurich, crafted a campaign that urged people to think about the definition of perfect.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-13    
Topic: Guerilla

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