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The University of Iowa is seeking a Senior Director for Marketing Communications.The Senior Director for Marketing Communications will create and oversee the implementation of comprehensive annual marketing plans, including paid, shared and direct communication and will coordinate planning with the Senior Director for News Media Relations to assure that the strategies for paid, direct and shared media are closely aligned to the earned media strategy.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-14    
Topic: Announcements

7-Eleven Introduces Doritos' Most Disgusting Snack Food Ever


We really don't care how good or how bad this TracyLocke-created ad for 7-Eleven is. All we care about is the sad fact that there is a company out there that creates a deep fried cheese concoction that can't possibly be good for anything except sending everyone to an early grave with clogged arteries and all forms of dietary tract issues.

Now don't get us wrong. Cheese is not bad for you. Liquid Cheese Whiz-style cheese that isn't even cheese encased in a coating of bread crumbs -- which probably isn't even even bread -- and then fried is another story entirely. But let's not let that stop anyone from creating kookie commercials in which cheese-induced orgasms and owls prevail.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 3-14    
Topic: Commercials

Vodka Ad Celebrates Young People's Self-Centered 'We Own This Town' Mentality


Borrowing liberally from every small town in America where kids wear "We Own This Town) t-shirts, New Amsterdam Vodka is out with a new ad which incorporates "All Hail Now" from Crown's debut album, All Rise.

The ad, created and produced by MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER (the most pain-in-the-ass agency name to type), celebrates and fuels into the idiocy that "young people" actually give a shit about anything other than getting drunk on vodka and waking up the neighbors with their late night antics.

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER (we cut and pasted this time) calls it a sense of "officialdom." We call it the coming of the Idiocracy.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 3-14    
Topic: Commercials

Yawn. Bud Light Takes Over Town. Calls It Whatever, USA. We Pardon the Millenials Who Came Up With the Idea


The whole brands takes over a town thing? So done. So over. But when you think about it, Bud Light taking over a town and calling it Whatever, USA for a period of time just might get a pass? Why?

Because the Millenials who came up with the idea were likely in junior high school when started the whole brand-renames-town thing way back in 2000.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-14    
Topic: Brands

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Hey Content Marketers, Here's Your Secret to Creating Killer Blog Posts


So everyone's doing content marketing these days. Whether you call it content marketing, inbound marketing or native advertising is irrelevant. Because all of you are doing the same thing; creating content (instead of ads) to sell your product or service.

So acknowledging that, every bit of content you create should be killer content, right? Well here's the secret to creating killer content. At least according to this infographic. It's not a click-bait headline (hello Business Insider, Buzzfeed, Upworthy). It's not a link to Wikipedia. It's not the use of images. It's not listicles. It's references. Yes, references. Again, at least according to this infographic.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-14    
Topic: Weblogs

Cash4GoldLions Gives Lions Cash4Gold Treatment


You were pumped you won a Lion this year, right? You told your parents, your grandparents and your girlfriend/boyfriend, right? Let me guess, they were far less excited about it than you were. To you, it's the most awesome thing in the world. To them, it's just another stupid trophy.

Watch this video and it will help you understand their viewpoint. To them, your Gold Lion is just a hunk of metal that should be turned into case. That's right. Cash4GoldLions. Check it out.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-14    
Topic: Industry Events

Grocery Chain Confirms Bears Sh*t in the Woods


ALDI, the discount grocery chain that's sort of related to Trader Joe's, is out with a new BMF-created campaign that answers the all-consuming question, "Does a bear shit in the woods?" Well, according to this ALDI SpokesBear, the answer is a resounding yes.

There seems quite happy with himself tsk tsking viewers for even asking the question. On the other hand, the wall-mounted trout in a second ad isn't so happy having been snubbed for tuna.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-30-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Glue-Like Rubber Used to Build Super Phallic-Looking Water Pistol


So how do you go about promoting a glue-like substance that can be molded like putty and forms into strong, waterproof rubber overnight? Why you use it to build the world's most awesome water pistol, of course. And that's exactly what Sugru did.

The brand gathered together a bunch of "scientists" (aka KID and Kream London) to craft a super-awesome, gatling gun-style water pistols that was then used to douse a few more "scientists" with colored slow motion of course.

And, yes, it is very, very phallic.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-30-14    
Topic: Video

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