G.E. Launches $100M "Imagination at Work" Ad Campaign

BBDO will launch a new ad campaign this weekend changing its familiar "We Bring Good Things to Life" slogan to a new "Imagination at Work" slogan. The account has been handles since 1920 by BBDO, a practically unheard of length of time in this fast changing industry but one that is highly commendable.

" 'We bring good things to life' is a great line and speaks to the benefits we bring, and I was hesitant to move away from it," said Judy L. Hu, general manager for corporate advertising and marketing communications, who joined G.E. last summer from General Motors. "But we needed a new articulation that is part mission, part vision and part strategy."

The slogan is changing because research has shown that audiences identify G.E. too closely to its lighting division and does no convey the strengths G.E. has in other areas such as medical technology, robotics, media and financial services.

Changing the theme of a campaign that has been so deeply embedded is highly risky yet the company feels they must do so to correctly represent the brand.

I wish them the best.

NYT: G.E. to Spend $100 Million Promoting Itself as Innovative


by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03    

Advertising Legends Elected to Advertising Hall of Fame

Hall Adams, former Leo Burnett Chairman and CEO; Phil Dusenberry, former Chairman of BBDO; John Johnson, Publisher and Chairman of Johnson Publishing; David Sarnoff, former President and Chairman of RCA; and Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy's have been elected into the Advertising Hall of Fame.

Yahoo Business Wire: Diverse Group of Industry Legends to Become Newest Members of Advertising Hall of Fame

by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03    

Tidal Wave of Reality Televison on its Way

If you or your clients are part of the group that loves reality programming then ABC is the network for you. ABC will be filling Wednesday and Thursday nights with the drivel launching 6 new shows.

Among ABC's upcoming reality slate, there's "Are You Hot: The Search for America's Sexiest People" (premiering Feb. 13), a six-episode show "where intelligence and achievement have absolutely no bearing," Lyne says. Feb. 19 marks the 15-night consecutive run of "I'm a Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here!" A new season of "The Bachelor" begins March 26, with a star ABC described in a statement as "the son of one of America's most affluent and prominent families." And "Extreme Makeover" returns with more televised plastic surgery for six episodes starting April 3.

Thank God I have cable.

Entertainment Weekly: ABC binges on reality shows

by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03    

An Advertising Recovery?

Is an Ad Industry recovery in sight this year? I think so and so does my partner, Rick Bruner, over at MarketingFix. Here's what he has to say about it:

Press Release: CMR/TNS Media Intelligence Forecasts Moderate Rise In Overall Ad Spending For 2003... MediaPost: Rebound Continues

CMR/TNS Media Intelligence (that's a heck of a brand, eh?) predicts that the Internet advertising market is going to grow by 7.4% in 2003. I'm pleased to see they predict growth. I'd even venture to say we may see low double-digits again in our lifetime, if not this year. I think CMR has always been a bit too old-school in its predictions of ad spending online, which it consistently pegs well below the IAB, which is the benchmark I prefer.

Folks, we're in for a recovery, I can feel it in my bones. Just consider the following:

CMR may think growth will be only 7.4%, but you can put me down for at least a baker's dozen, please.

Link to Story: CMR Predicts Net Ads Up 7.4% in 2003

by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03    

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Marketing to Teens the Right Way

The Teen segment is the smartest segment out there when it comes to marketing and advertising. They always know it when they see it and they will ignore any attempt you make to reach them if you try to do it in a concealed fashion such as subtle product placement, etc.

Rather then trick this audience, the way I see it is that marketing to teens must go one of two ways. First, simply state the fact they you are marketing to them. In effect saying, "I'd like you to consider this product/service." The second, as stated by Robert Loch on MarketingFix, is to make the experience so involving that it becomes a "cause" they want to be a part of. Easier said then done, unfortunately.

MediaPost: Teen Marketing Online: Know Your Audience

More: Teens imagine new possibilities

by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03    

New Ad Appeals For Peaceful Solution in Iraq

In an update of the famous 1964 political ad that condemned the spread of nuclear warheads, MoveOn.org has updated that spot and positioned it to encourage alternative solutions to the Iraqi situation. They do it using the typical scare tactic of a mushroom cloud appearing behind a small girl picking petals off a flower.

Boston Globe: Foes of a War in Iraq Spread Their Message


by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03