Ethnic Agency Broadens Into Full Service With a Twist

Black Experience has morphed from a narrowcasting agency focusing specifically on the African-American Demographic to a more broad based agency servicing many different demographic groups. Now called BX Media, the agency is a leader traversing a very new trend path in advertising where, rather than creating separate marketing programs for separate demos, a singular and broader approach is taken to achieve the objectives across multiple demos.

In this eMarketer article, David Berkowitz interviews Melvin Wilson, Chief Strategy Officer of BX Media. Wilson discusses his agency's shift in approach and the web-driven outdoor advertising work he is doing in a unique deal with the New York Port Authority transit system that will tie into the new World Trade Center.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03    

A Little Self Promotion

Today, there is a mention in AdWeek about the great agency I work for. OK, they're just little projects but still...


RDW Group has been hired for a pair of interactive projects. The independent agency in Providence, R.I., is developing an online content control system for Icon International of Westfield, Mass., that includes an easily searched database-driven product catalog. The client is a provider of interior lighting systems.

The shop is also fashioning e-marketing tools for HVAC products company Mestek in North Kingston, R.I. The work includes online newsletters and automated e-mails.

--David Gianatasio

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03    

The Duffy Agency: Working Hard During Summer

Check out how this Swedish agency is letting its clients know that it is hard at work during the Summer even though the rest of Sweden is off soaking up the sun.

Visit their website and click on the star called Duffy Voyeur Cam to see the staff hard at work.

Yea, right.


by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03    

What's Worse? Sex or Violence?

Snarkhunting calls our attention to a U.K. Travelocity commercial in which a bunch of men talk about their sexual prowess in a tongue and cheek fashion. What's called to attention here is the intriguing cultural divide that exists between Americans, who prefers violence over sex in the media and Europeans, who prefer sex over violence. Who's right?

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03    

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'The Practice' Hires Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is talking to ABC about joining the cast of The Practice for a few episodes. James Spader is on board as well. This is very interesting because it calls into question the real reason behind the David E. Kelly housecleaning that occurred earlier this year when he "fired" 5 of the major cast members to save money.

Can you really say that Sharon Stone and James Spader cost less the Dylan McDermott, Lara Flynn Boyle and the rest of the cast? I don't think so. So what's really happening here? It will definitely boost the ratings though along with its return to its original Sunday at 10PM time slot.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03    

People Love Adrants!

I just have to self-conratulate for a minute. I can't help myself!

"Why would you passively absorb the ubiquitous inanity known as advertising when you could blog about it? Steve Hall pulls together the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy found floating around in the commercial media and shares the love over at Adrants. For someone who's in the business, he ain't afraid to pull his punches."
- Veer

"One of the most comprehensive advertising blogs I've come across is Steve Hall's adrants page. A media director at the RDW Group, Providence, R.I., Hall maintains a regularly updated, well-designed site. On the left side of his blog you'll find commentary on recent advertising-related news stories, while in the right-hand column, Hall has compiled an extensive list of links to advertising related news sites, industry resources, and other advertising bloggers."
- Shoot Online

"Let me tell you, it rocks!"
- Bitter from The Bitch Girls

"I gotta tell you that you're about the best commentator on the biz that I know -- even better than Stuart Elliott, who is the top advertising writer in my view."
- Mark Smyka, Canadian Advertising Journalist


by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03    

Russian Beer Ad Ruled Too Hot for Television

There is an award winning ad for Tinkoff beer running in Russia that has been deemed a little too sexy for television and the country's advertising oversight body, the Anti-Monopoly Ministry has requested it be taken off the air.

"Due to the many letters received from people complaining about the nonethical character of this advertisement, the ministry on Tuesday instructed TV stations to avoid airing it," said Larisa Bulgakova, spokeswoman of the Anti-Monopoly Ministry.

Those in the Russian ad community don't see what the fuss is all about.

"There are no violations in it. A man, who is obviously over 35 years old, is surrounded by two beautiful women. There is no sex. It is all very chaste," said Vladimir Yevstafyev, president of the Russian Association of Advertising Agencies. "What is wrong with a naked body? Let's not be hypocritical. All kids are studying Greek sculptures in school, and none of those sculptures are wearing bras."

Good point. Watch the ad here.


by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03