'Lord of the Raised Sword' Sells Fertility Clock

In this viral video called "The Lord of the Raised Sword," Spermo of the Swolland Ballz goes on a journey through the land of Cuntia in search of the egg. When he finds the egg isn't there, he is told by the Queen of Cuntia that he should use the Magic Fertility Clock from Baby Plan to know when to cum. A racy effort just to sell a fertility aid.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

DripTV Launches 'Republican Survivor'

Six Republican contestants including George Bush, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter, John Ashcroft, Katherine Harris and Tom Delay are lampooned in "Republican Survivor." Created by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the site offers a trailer and a chance to view each of 6 webisodes and cast your vote.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

MTV Refuses to Air 'Super Size Me' Ads

MTV, fearful of losing fast food media dollars and citing the ads as "disparaging to fast-food restaurants," will not air ads promoting the Samuel Goldwyn Film "Super Size Me.The film follows director Morgan Spurlock for 30 days as he ate nothing by McDonald's food.

UPDATE: MTV has rolled over and will now air the ad after all.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

Drug Companies Sponsor Branded News Content

Not able to find enough places to spend their vast media budgets, drug companies are now turning to branded news content. This summer, major market TV stations will begin airing "Headline Health," a health-related news segment that will, under the guise of news, blatantly promote the drug companies offerings. The program was developed by MediZine and Daily Health Feed. The wall comes down even further.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

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Trump Sells Visa Check Cards

In this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column by Amy Coor, a new campaign for the Visa Check Card is featured. In the spot, Donald Trump loses his card to a dumpster and has to go retrieve it while a voiceover explains card holders are not liable for charges on a lost or stolen card.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

Corel Launches Humorous Video Campaign

From bashing the Microsoft "helper" icon to babies peeing in a Trump-like boardroom, Corel has launched a collection of viral videos called seewhogotfired in support of its WorPerfect 12 product.

Having just returned from AD:TECH, several of the sessions focused on the growth of broadband and the growth of the online video as an advertising format. While many are just plain odd, more and more mainstream video ads are likely to make their way to the web. The success of this ad format is largely due to its "lean forward" nature. Viewers are seeking these videos out and choosing to view them rather than being given no choice such as with a television spot.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

DMC Launches 'For Fox Sake' Viral Video

DMC has launched its second viral effort for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The video, created by Velocity Advertising and Maverick Media, urges the UK government do ban hunting foxes with dogs.

In a comic spoof of a real-life fox hunt, the clip features a man dressed in a fox costume on the run in the city, chased by a pack of pretend dogs and a huntsman in a Landrover. The clip ends with hard-hitting shots of the real-life outcome of hunting. Viewers are then urged to click through the film's end frame to the IFAW site where they can email their MPs (representatives) to help lobby the UK Government to fulfill their pledge to ban hunting with dogs.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04    

AD:TECH - The Morning After

AD:TECH bluelithium Party

The third day of AD:TECH is usually sparsely attended and today was no exception though the few sessions that did occur where fairly well attended. Roaming The Palace Hotel's lobby and hallways and attending sessions where about 200 attendees down from a high of 4,000. Many attendees had either left to catch their flights home or where still sleeping off Tuesday nights bluelithium party at Ruby Skye.

The final day of AD:TECH is always a bit of a downer. After entertaining pitches from exhibitors, sitting through numerous conference sessions, attending multiple parties per night and visiting with business partners and friends, a fog clouds the mind as one makes their way home trying to process the onslaught of mental stimulation over the previous three days. For some, tomorrow means heading back to work. For others, it means continual networking in search of the next gig.

During one party on the last night, an "email marketer" leaned into my ear at 2AM and excitedly said, "I have three billion international opt-out email addresses all for eight cents per name." Thankfully, there were far more enjoyable things that happened that night aside from hearing a spammer's sales pitch such as converse with friends old and new, entourage party hop, dance until the sweat was pouring, and hang with one particular person who embodies the word "fun," makes the party and made mine

So now it's back to writing about the crazy world of advertising and looking forward to the next AD:TECH bash. See you there.

Image courtesy of Chris Eaves.

by Steve Hall    May-27-04