Missed Weblog Opportunities

Public Relations specialist B.L. Ochman has written a summary of ten companies who could have benefited from the use of a weblog. From that LEGO Spiderman video to a line of footwear Tiva made for an elephant to the launch of Newman's Own Organic Dog Food, Ochman contends all of these companies could have achieved greater return on their efforts had they investigated weblogs.

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-04    

Television Cameraman Hires Prostitute While in Station Van

In the category of any publicity is good publicity, Atlanta's CBS 46 can thank station camera man Edward Stephens for its latest appearance in the press. Stephens, in need of the usual male related "release," tracked down a 19 year old street walker hoping to get a little help with his much needed "release." Apparently, as is the case with many men is cases where the need for "release" arises, Stephens forgot he was driving the station's logo-emblazoned news truck while hunting for and picking up the key to his "release."

Unfortunately, Stephens did not get any "release" as he was spotted by police and was arrested for reckless driving and solicitation for an illicit sexual act.

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-04    

Syndicate Adrants Headlines on Your Website

If you would like to place the headlines of Adrants stories on your own website, you may do so easily with this tool. By "syndicating" Adrants headlines, you will be able to provided the readers of your website with linked headlines to the stories on Adrants.

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-04    

Japanese Whiskey Makes American Debut

Suntory, makers of an 18-year-old single malt scotch, has hired the New York office of Dentsu Communications to handle it's American launch. Dentsu organized a media launch party on July 15 at the Rainbow room in NYC's Rockefeller Center. The liquor was made famous in the movie "Lost in Translation" in which Bill Murray played spokesman for the brand.

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-04    

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German 'Simple Life' Disliked By Animal Lovers

Here we go again with those damn animal lovers. This time they are complaining about a German reality show, called 'Apline Meadows' that features celebrities, television stars and models who are living on a farm, tramping through cow shit and animal guts. It's watched by 3 million which one would assume is pretty good in Germany but animal rights groups are threatening legal action because a model was shown having salt and syrup licked off her body. Come on you left wing kooks, they were just feeding the poor animal - from a really nice dish too. Oh, they did show a turkey getting slaughtered too. Maybe that's bad - except during Thanksgiving.

Haven't we seen this all before from Paris and Nikki on 'The Simple Life'? Oh yea, Germany's a different country. Why should they be deprived of seeing vapid celebu-wanna-be's belittle themselves for viewer's amusement?

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-04    

Molson Helps Guys Pick Up Women, Institute Spoils Fun

Trying to have a little fun with the age old act up picking up girls in a bar, Molson has launched an ad campaign that provides guys with tips and tools to better succeed with their quest to bed, uh...meet, girls. The campaign, called "Friends," offers tools for guys to create fake business cards, cute wallet photos and stickers to up the chances the target, uh...woman, will respond accordingly. Predictably, there's a group that is horrified that guys would ever try to meet girls and in helping them to do so, Molson is committing a terrible crime. The Marin Institute, an anti-drinking, anti-fun establishment has launched a website where those who feel humans should have no sense of humor or fun anymore can complain. Thanks to Sanj.

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-04