Animal Rights Group Launched Horse Meat Campaign

To protest the legality human horse meat consumption in Ohio, local horse rescue group Second Chance Horse Rescue launched an ad campaign promoting a ficticious restaurant chain called Red Derby Burger, to illustrate what life might be like if horse slaughter for human consumption proliferated. With the headline, "The Biggest Damn Burger America's Ever Laid Eyes On," the ad ran several times in local media prior to the truth being revealed both in print and on the spoof website.

Second Chance claims 150,000 horses are slaughtered each tear for human consumption. Barefoot Advertising created the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-04    

UK Noodle Brand Capitalizes on 'Dogging' Trend

Don't be ashamed if you aren't hip enough to know what dogging is - we weren't and had to ask. It's the practice of having exhibitionist sex in semi-secluded spaces which are publicized for participation or for voyeuristic pleasure. Now that we've admitted to our un-hip lifestyle, we can get on with the story. Pot Noodles, a UK noodle maker is capitalizing on the dogging trend with a "meet-up" site of its own, called Natural Noodling, including tips on how to dog - or as they call it - noodling, maps, pictures and a guide to get started with noodling. We'll admit it's an effective strategy. Sex does make you hungry afterall.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-04    

Model Has Sex on Bull For Hardee's

Bordering on clothed porn, Hardee's, last month, launched a television commercial featuring the very hot Camerson Richardson writhing, to the tune of Foghat's Slow Ride, atop a mechanical bull while having oral sex with a burger. Oh wait. She was just eating the burger. It was tell until viewing a few times. Promoting the chain's new Western Bacon Thickburger and capitalizing on men's fascination with women humping inanimate objects, the spot follows the tried and true strategy of association: Hardee's equals hot women, hot women eat at Hardee's, I'm going to eat at Hardee's. Or, perhaps, it just caused the sudden, uncontrollable urge to have sex. All good. As the ad says at the end - Eat Right. Exercise More.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-04    

McDonald's Replaces Golden Arches With Question Mark

Adland reports McDonald's is dropping the golden arches from its advertising in the UK apparently attempting to distance itself from the association between the logo and clogged arteries. There's even a new tagline just to make sure we noticed the change: "McDonald's. But not as you know it."

Perhaps trying to distance itself from the recent "Supersize Me" movie in which Morgan Spurlock eats McDonald's food exclusively for a month risking his death, the campaign will promote coffee, salads, fruits and, of course, calorie-laden bagels with cream cheese. Leo Burnett is behind the campaign and there's no doubt it's being considered for the U.S. as well.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-04    

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Website Spoofs 'New York Post'

A website for what is believed to be a post production house has launched, called New York Post House, mirroring the look of the New York Post.

There are reports of printed versions of the site being "sold" outside ad agencies in the city today by old school paper boys shouting the proverbial "extra, extra, read all about it!" The site is reminiscent of AdWeak, an intermittently published site that skewers the ad industry with an overload of wit and insightful humor. New York Post House is split into sections similar to USA Today including news, lifestyle, sports, horoscopes and classifieds with a focus on ad industry shenanigans.

The current New York Post House cover story reports Nike's placement of its swoosh on the moon to reach "night-goers" and promote the new "Getaway" line of shoes "designed for sprinting away from police and security guards." Now there's a company that knows its target audience.

We're told the mystery behind the site and its creators will be revealed to all Friday. Stay tuned.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-04