Mastercard 'Priceless' Commercial a Brand Orgasm

Continuing its "Priceless" theme, Mastercard gathered every major grocery brand around a table for dinner including the Jolly Green Giant, the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Vlasic pickle pelican. For a minute there, we didn't know what brand we were supposed to be taking in. Sometimes these brand mix things work. Sometimes they don't. Not sure this one did.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

FOX Thinks It Paid $2.4 Million to Promote '24'

FOX wants us to believe it actually paid itself $2.4 million for the promotional spot it ran for its series "24" by claiming, in the ad, it was worth it. Wait until the accountants see this one.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

Anheuser-Busch Thanks Military in Emotional Spot

We admit it. We're a sucker for emotional commercials and we're especially moved by emotional military commercials. During the Super Bowl, Anheuser-Busch ran a minute long commercial, set in an airport, showing troops returning while travelers in the terminal stood and applauded their efforts. Very moving. It reminds us of the 2002 Anheuser-Bush spot in which Clydesdales kneel to New York City following 911. We give high marks to this one. View the commercial here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

Ford Clubs Viewers Over Head With New Mustang Spot

OK so frequency can be a good thing in a media buy but three spots in the Super Bowl that are exactly the same? Waste of money. At $2.4 million per :30, it likely costs less to produce a spot than to air it so Ford could have easily ponied up more money rather than bore us with three identical spots - two within five minutes of each other.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

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McCartney Rocks Half Time With 'Live And Let Die'

To the classic James Bond movie Live And Let Die accompanied by a massive display of fireworks. He also performed 4-5 more of his classics from the Beatles days delivering one of the best half time shows in memory. Janet who?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

AdJab Ad Blog Launches And Blogs Super Bowl Commercials

The latest weblog from Weblogs, Inc., AdJab, has launched and is blogging, with an apparent army of bloggers, what appears to be every Super Bowl commercial. Doesn't anyone just watch the game anymore?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

Cell Phone Habits, Lincoln Fries, Handjobs and Cadillac

Ameriquest, in a spot that really calls attention to how idiotic people look when they use an earpice/microphone device while talking on their cell phones, gives one cell phone user his due as he talks to his friend about being robbed in front of a convenience store clerk. Funny.

McDonald's creates and promotes a website whose sole purpose is to feature a French fry that is shaped with the profile of President Lincoln. There's a long form commercial and even an auction.

A very odd looking spot for Degree deodorant goes through this elaborate plot which even contains visuals of a wife giving a handjob to her husband the Mama's Boy In-Action Figure and his mother giving him what looks like a handjob while pushing him in a shopping cart. Very weird. Why that didn't get banned, we'll never know.

And here's the Cadillac spot we got a glimpse of earlier today.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

Fedx Provides Ten Tips For Great Super Bowl Commercial

Diet Pepsi ran a spot that reminded us of the dueling, tricked out FedX/UPS truck commercials. It featured P Diddy, Carson Daly and Eva Longoria. We liked it. During the same break was an iPod imitator style spot promoting an iPod-like device - the Olympus Mrobe personal video player. It had some funny Asian middle aged dancers. UPDATE: A different version of this spot ran in the second half and was a bit better including some better dance freakiness.

The best commercial so far comes from FedX whose commercial centered on the ten thing which make a successful Super Bowl commercial. From celebrity (Burt Reynolds) to hot chics to animals to cute kids, it was quite humorous in an insiderish way.

This just in: GoDaddy runs "toned down" spot. It was just as racy as the banned spot so we don't know what the big deal was about except for the fact that it was all just a publicity stunt.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

DirecTV Travels TV Generations in Super Bowl Spot

DirecTV ran a spot during the pre-game show, called "Rethink," which followed an man through the early days of TV with Lucille Ball all the way up through current day when the man sits down to watch TV with his grandson. Sure it's the saccharine, emotional approach but it conjures DirecTV's understanding of television's place in life. See it here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

Cadillac Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek

It's not much but here's some footage from one of the Cadillac spots to air in tonight's Super Bowl game.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05    

Many Sites Post Super Bowl Commercials

There are many sites hosting this year's Super Bowl commercials. Ad-Awards is one of them. Adland is another where you can also find 32 years worth of commercials. SuperBowlAds is another perennial collector which actually uses iFilm to host. These sites will add spots as they air.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05