AdWeek to Launch Non-Traditional Advertising Focused Magazine

Debuting Monday, March 21, AdWeek will introduce a new magazine called Other Advertising which will cover non-traditionl advertising categories it defines as mass transit, sports stadiums, in-store, product placement, cinemas, elevators, cell phones, guerrilla marketing. Content will include business news, case studies, profiles and guest editorials.

Editorial Director Adam Remsen said, "Other Advertising's purpose is to help media buyers make the best decisions by bringing new advertising media to their attention, highlight the companies doing the best work and act as a central hub where ideas and pertinent issues are discussed and investigated."

Other Advertising will be packaged with 30,000 hand-delivered copies of Adweek, Mediaweek and Brandweek reaching media buyers, corporate brand marketers and advertising agency executives.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05    

Heineken Europe Launches H.E.L.L.O. Launch Mission

Perhaps the strangest beer promotions to date, Heineken Europe has launched the Heineken European Life Long Observatory or H.E.L.L.O. The site consists of an interplanetary mission complete with launch sequences, confusing geek speak and videos of futuristic brewing methods. The site, launched sometime in February, is counting down to arrival - currently 16 days away. Take a look.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05    

Report: Starcom Predicts Future of Consumer Contact

In a new report called NEXT, Starcom Mediavest has put forth 11 prognostications regarding the future of consumer contact. In the report, Starcom highlights the following:

  • Clients will produce more customized TV creative specifically for the broadband space.
  • Blogs will become more mainstream and citizen-generated.
  • Agencies will push programming development.
  • The number of networks that target Hispanics on digital cable will grow five-fold over the next 10 years.
  • Gaming will move into "connected space" and make digitally distributed gaming content more mainstream.
  • The next hot category will be shopping magazines-for women, men, the home and babies.
  • Advertising overload threatens radio
  • Mobile marketing will push to create a dialogue with self-selected hand raisers, as opposed to recreating online ad serving models.
Here is a PDF overview of the findings.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05    

MTV Promotes Spring Break With Hot Eskimos

If life as an Eskimo causes a woman to fantasize she's tongue kissing a hunk - but in reality is tongue kissing her dog - while watching MTV in her igloo all in the name of promoting MTV's Spring Break 2005 in Cancun, well, we guess we'll go along with it.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05    
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Perhaps to offer its female member more than simply pictures and vitals of men on the prowl, has launched the online magazine Happen Magazine, an advice filled excuse to grow its membership base and "extend its brand." As proof this is a site most women might want to steer clear of, one of the featured articles is entitled "Dating Tips From reality TV."

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05    

Mazda Traps Brats With Mazda 6 Commercial

Rick Bruner sent us a link to a British commercial for the Mazda 6 station wagon. For parents, it's an all too familiar situation. A delightful ride in the country in ruined by the incessant bickering between the kids in the back seat. In this commercial, Mazda has the solution in the form of a spring loaded, fold down rear seat.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05