Lee And Dan Return With Charitable Work


Lee and Dan of the famed Volkswagen Suicide Bomber ad have created, along with production company Quiet Storm, a Sixth Sense-like online video, called We Hear Scared People, to call attention to the UK charity Childline, a service children can call when they are faced with abuse. The work was done mostly for free to raise money for the organization.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-05    
Topic: Viral

Solutions to Cookie Conundrum Suggested

iMediaConnection's Media Strategies Editor Jim Meskauskas approaches the cookie conundrum with six suggestions marketers may wish to consider in the face of a seemingly huge consumer cookie rebellion. Maskauskus suggests the advertising industry take strides to educate consumers about the advantages cookies provide; educate the industry so those that use cookies or make software that uses cookies understand how each discipline values the cookies; make the cookie hard to find like United Virtualities has done with its Flash-based PIE technology; keep quiet about the whole debate acknowledging that talking about cookies just brings unwanted attention; forget about the cookie and and rely on other existing tracking technologies; and simply surrender control to consumers allowing them to create Passport like "universal cookies" containing any type of information the consumer choose to provide and allowing them to decide whether they share it or not.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-05    
Topic: Online

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