Man Drops Flyers From Balcony to Promote Website

Yesterday in New York City, some weirdo decided to hang from a 13th floor balcony of the Kimberly hotel at 150 East 50th Street and drop a bunch of flyers promoting his non-sensical website that seems to be designed to dissuade Florida tourism. Of course, all hell broke loose with police arriving on the scene, closing the block and finally apprehending the kook. The Daily News reports the website mentioned on the flyer is registered to Mauricio Pavez of Miami. It's unclear whether Pavez was the man on the balcony as the police declined to release the man's name.

While idiotic and frustrating to many New Yorkers who were held up due to the street closings, we can be quite sure the man's website is getting a lot more attention today than if he hadn't been caught.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Guerilla, Promotions, Strange     Aug- 3-05  
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we see it all in NYC. Two yrs ago ad week used charlie the tuna to promote itself. This year it's a bosom busting out of a blouse. thx 4 the story. 8-))

Posted by: gummy on August 3, 2005 09:54 AM

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