Uncle Yaris Site Promotes Toyota Yaris


A recently launched site, called Uncle Yaris goes and goes appears, based on the preponderance of Google search results for the term and the likeness of the site's color to Toyota's brand colors, to be a promotion for the Toyota Yaris which is scheduled to go on sale in early Spring 2006. The site, like many of these non-transparent promotions is kooky, odd and attempts to somehow be hip. Anyway, that's all the time we have to spend on promotions that waste our time by not telling us what is being promoted. Sort of counterproductive, don't you think? Of course, there's always a chance our assessment of this is completely wrong.

by Steve Hall    Sep-29-05    
Topic: Online

Prison Break Promo Says Stare At My TV, Not My Boobs


Canada's Global Television is promoting the show Prison Break by hiring women to walk around outside football games wearing prison break T-shirts and flat-scree TV's atop their heads. As Jodster praises the promotion writing, "All I could think of was the potential for women to rid themselves of the manly instinct to stare at breasts." Well done, indeed.

by Steve Hall    Sep-29-05    
Topic: Promotions

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