Contests Seeks World-Class Virals, Only UK Agencies Invited


U.K. Channel 4's IdeasFactory, along with viral email collector Bore Me, digital agency DS.Emotion and viral promoter Hot Cherry have announced "Germ," a viral email contest which seeks viral ideas that "get the whole world talking." Oddly, according to contest rules, only U.K. agencies, apparently, are able to get the world talking as U.K.-based agencies are the only agencies welcome to enter the contest. Though, it seems, the "general public" is allowed enter as well. However, it's not clear whether that refers to worldwide general public or U.K.-based general public.

Close-minded contest or not, the winning agency, in an even odder, oxymoronic move is promised by contest organizers to have it's work seen the world over via seeding by Bore Me. In a not so oxymoronic but clandestine promotional move, all of the companies hosting the contest have, surprise, a stake in viral advertising and, with the contest putting them into contact with top viral marketers, the hole thing is basically a new business endeavor for the organizers. Nifty.

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Isn't that a little strange to reward the best viral producer with some help to start a viral campaign?

Why does a world-class viral ad need any help in propagating itself around the world? Doesn't that instantly prove that it isn't world class?

Posted by: Kevin Glennon on October 12, 2005 05:50 PM

so a competition that's only open for UK, that's fair enough there's 1000's that are only ever opened to the US that state world class.

Posted by: ds on October 12, 2005 07:43 PM

i agree with ds. the US have many competitions open only to their citizens and often expect nothing less than world class work.

and doesn't every bit of 'world class work' always need that little push to get it off the ground? doesn't stop making it world class work, surely. j

Posted by: Jon Uk on October 13, 2005 06:25 AM

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