Food Network Launches Promos, Press Release Gushes


Design and production company Troika Design Group just finished some promos for the Food Network called, "Food is..." which consist or lushly filmed food.

Or, if you prefer the press release version, Troika just "completed their latest campaign for long-time client Food Network. Entitled "Food Is…," the ID package comprises nine five-second spots that fuse gorgeous live-action footage together with crisp graphics creating vignettes in which food and life interact in emotional and unexpected ways. Troika handled all aspects of production, including writing, directing, animation, original music and sound design."

And that's not all..."Each ID leads with the graphical super "food is…" and answers this question in a surprising way, with clever text and creative camera work revealing the twist in each spot. In one ID, "food is…" segues into gleaming oysters on ice flamboyantly garnished with pearls, caviar and lemon peel, alongside the word "style." In another, "food is…" is imbued with deep meaning, as a turntable shot of a spliced open fortune cookie is tagged with the word "wise." Food can also elicit strong emotion, as evidenced by the delicate way two pears are lensed nuzzling next to the super "romantic." Troika was also involved in creating the IDs' atmospheric electronic soundtracks along with composer Rob Cairns, which range from sultry R&B tunes to bombastic classical organ, lively big band and everything else in between."

Eesh, that's a lot of words to describe a bunch of promotional :15's.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Cable, Commercials     Oct- 4-05  
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