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IDG World Expo has released details of the "Syndicated Media Environment" conference track at Syndicate, scheduled to take place December 12-14, 2005 at the Hilton San Francisco. This track will discuss how new syndication and social media tools such as RSS, blogs and podcasts are being applied by old and new media companies.

The Syndicate conference shows how syndication and social media tools such as RSS, blogs and podcasts are helping to change the way businesses do business. The "Syndicated Media Environment" track is one of four tracks and a timely topic following recent news of more and more people accessing TV shows on BitTorrent and pulling the programs down as an RSS feed. David Berlind of ZDNet explained that once a TV show is digitized and loaded into BitTorrent, "not only are the broadcasters completely disintermediated from the distribution of their content, so too is their adverstising business model." We tend to agree.

Sessions in the "Syndicated Company and Product Environments" track include:

"Knight Ridder Digital Case Study: Leveraging Content in New Ways," Ross Settles, Knight Ridder Digital's VP of strategy & business development, discusses how the company develop their approach to new content distribution methods by: developing its own blogging infrastructure with Six Apart, RSS-enabling all of its content, investing in, and partnering with local online content delivery company

"Open Content Models - How to Thrive through Syndication, Aggregation & Generation," Panelists from CNET, and PLUCK will discuss how to leverage opportunities available with social media tools and other new community search-related technology.

"Stand-Alone Journalism and the New Editorial Syndication Market," Veteran journalist Chris Nolan will explain how the new newspaper content syndication market works -- both for newspapers that need a broad choice of cheaper talent, and for talented writers who need to get paid well for their work.

"Searching the World *Live* Web," The founder and CEO of Technorati will explore how the Live Web (syndicated content) differs from the static Web, and why it requires a very different approach to search.

"When Syndication Goes Live -- What Happens When Questions Get Answered Instantly?" This session will focus on new ways people are using RSS to trigger conversations in the still wide-open frontier of social media.
•"Podcasting: The Challenges of Audio Syndication," Current estimates are that there are 20 million podcasts currently available up from 3 million just 5 months ago. This session explores the business model for podcasting and how money is being made.

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Great article..

If I have the time I might attend..

I'm working on a Broadcatching project at

Posted by: Anne Jan Brouwer on December 1, 2005 11:37 AM