'Survivor' Outtakes Poke Fun At Product Placement


Product Invasion, the folks behind Subservient Donald are, again, taking on product placement proliferation, this time with Survivor, and have created some spoof footage of Survivor's Jerry Manthey in which producer's urge her to shill for Home Depot, Scope, Dawn, and Pepsi. While it's a bit over the top, it still calls attention to the maddening and overly forced attempts by marketers and networks to shamelessly shill.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Product Placement, Spoofs, Television   

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This is funny.

Last night as I watched Survivor... (Yeah, I know it's predictable, but I still watched.) the contestants were competing for a new Pontiac. I wondered how big an editing job it was to get contestants to look like they really couldn't believe their luck at possibly winning a brand new Pontiac. (OMG, a Pontiac. It's exactly what I wanted!)

The product placement is getting less subtle with each passing episode, and not just on Survivor. I wonder how many people were pushed over the edge to purchase a new Pontiac by this product placement. I bet there wasn't a single one.

Posted by: One who can't comment legally because of NDA on December 9, 2005 8:06 AM