Adrants Makes Podcast Debut on 'Across the Sound'


So we've finally jumped on the podcasting bandwagon or, at least, we've hitched a test drive with an appearance as guest host on Across the Sound. A few months ago, Joe Jaffe and Steve Rubel launched Across the Sound which covers new marketing, media and PR. In late December, Steve Rubel had to back out to focus on other commitments and Jaffe decided to bring on some guests hosts. Timidly, we raised our hand while, at the same time, cringing at the thought of hearing our own voice uttering non-sequitors and pointless blather we so often relish trashing here on Adrants.

During the podcast, we rambled on about the genesis of Adrants, Brandweek's fascinating insight into the apparent pointlessness of blogs, those three year old PUMA spoof ads (more here, here, here and here), Sprint's Ambassador Program, cable news network screw ups, Stormhoek wineries who doubled sales in less than 12 months by leveraging a blog campaign in the sales process and Intel's poor choice of tagline.

I will say it was fun but also a bit nerve racking and completely different than writing content for Adrants. At least with writing, one can take all the time they need to turn a phrase and twist it into something witty. With a podcast, the pondering that occurs during writing ends up coming out as a bunch of "ums," "uhs," "likes" and "ya knows." So as you listen to the podcast and hear all those space fillers, just pretend they're intellectually stimulating witty one liners.

Feel free to offer any and all comments below. Also, there's a survey up about the podcast over at Across the Sound where you can offer up your thoughts and vote as to whether you'd like to hear more from me or if you think I should just stick to the keyboard.

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It was a pleasure having you on...and I look forward to hearing the listener feedback.


Posted by: Joseph Jaffe on January 8, 2006 02:40 PM

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