Old Farts Fart More Online Than Off


The wafting odor of the elder generation is diffusing online at an increasing rate according to a report from BURST! Media featured on eMarketer. The report says online users over the age of 54 are spending more time on the Internet and less time with offline media sources. While the over 54 crowd are still big consumers of offline media such as newspapers, many are finding valuable information online they can't find in traditional offline media. eMarketer has all the smelly details.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 6-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Research, Trends and Culture   

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Is that a dog or a bear?

Posted by: Satan on January 6, 2006 11:34 AM

How's this for a headline:

"Twerpy asshole farts stupid headlines in ad blog, alienates older readers with lame humor."

Posted by: KW on January 6, 2006 12:50 PM

I honestly don't understand why you would demean the older consumer in this way. These "old farts" include the Baby Boomer generation, the oldest of which turn 60 this year. They are the hippest old folks you will ever want to meet plus the boomer generation alone makes up a huge block of consumers...and they have money to boot! I love your newsletter/blog but with this posting, you are seeking a laugh at the expense of some of our best customers.

Posted by: Joanne Fritz on January 6, 2006 12:51 PM

Oh for fuck's sake, people, it's called humor. Lame or not. And I'm not all that young myself so a little poking fun at one's self, in my opinion, is healthy and fun. get over it.

Posted by: Steve Hall on January 6, 2006 1:10 PM

That's all well and good, but still. . . is that a dog or a bear?

Posted by: Satan on January 6, 2006 1:46 PM

What about this headline for the 'comments' section: "Cantankerous old codgers make a stink about fart jokes." Phooey.

Posted by: woodenlunch on January 6, 2006 1:52 PM

Ha! Woodenlunch, that's great!

Satan, a dog? A bear? Who cares. I vote for dog though.

Posted by: Steve Hall on January 6, 2006 3:03 PM

That 'popcorn fart' picture is perfect - well done Steve. Never knew you were Twerpy or an Asshole...so thanks go to KW for bringing the truth forward...obviously old and ripe with wisdom and a colorful vocabulary too boot!

And to all you old farts that think this will alienate the hippest generation (what a stretch that is) - GO PUT ON YOUR READING GLASSES and READ THE GOSH DARNED ARTICLE. Steve is only giving a little glimpse about how the over 50 crowd is actually embracing the internet. Maybe a good time to reconsider adding the online facet to the next adult diaper campaign?

That's all for now, got to go - Matlock's about to begin!

Posted by: Tmoney on January 6, 2006 3:56 PM

Who cares, Steve? I do.

Frankly, I am shocked by your cavalier attitude. I believe that ascertaining the exact identity of the beast shown above is of paramount importance. You have no idea how this has been gnawing away at my very soul.

And anyway, if it's a dog, where's its tail?

Then again, bears don't have floppy ears.

It could be a flatuent wombat, but wombats don't have such sharp lower teeth.

Damn. . .

Posted by: Satan on January 6, 2006 4:04 PM

I think it's a Badger...

Posted by: John Boy on January 6, 2006 5:25 PM

Interesting theory, John Boy. But badgers tend to have stripes.

Perhaps it is a hedgehog that has lost its spines. Or a bushbaby with irritable bowel syndrome.

Posted by: Satan on January 6, 2006 5:52 PM

Whatever it is I thought it and the headline were good. And whoever felt that something like that would alienate a major part of your audience needs to take a cold shower.

Baby boomers were born before the days of being politically correct and we can handle people poking fun at us - we do it all the time.

Posted by: Stuart on January 6, 2006 11:38 PM

Flash !
If someone ones a computer or uses one at work,
they are on the internet !

Posted by: KRank on January 7, 2006 9:07 AM