CBS Offers 'Survivor' For Download Then Takes It Back


Calling it a first, CBS has announced it will make the hit reality series Survivor available for download from its site for $1.99 per episode. The episodes will only be viewable for a 24 hour period after purchase and we're told CBS will use some sort of digital rights management to prevent a downloaded video from playing after the 24 hour period. While other networks and producers are selling episodes outright for the $1.99 price, CBS, by asking a person to buy something for $2 and then taking it back a day later, isn't quite what we had in mind for this new on-demand world we're in. They'll call it renting. We'll call it a rip off, We'll stick with our ad-skipping DVR and our big screen TV over the laptop and a slow download.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Online, Television   

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Yeah I've been creating quite a huge collection of iTunes shows (Lost and Battlestar) and when I checked out CSI on Google Videos and saw the $1.99 for 24 hour view time, I laughed. Also NBC?

Posted by: Bjorn Tipling on February 2, 2006 2:06 AM

What is CBS thinking? NBC is seeing an increase in viewership of The Office by distributing it through iTunes. When will these guys stop living in the past?

Posted by: Paul Herring on February 2, 2006 3:16 PM