Blank Banners Celebrate Clean Up Australia Day, Online Clean Up Needed

We wish FastClick/ValueClick, Casale Media and all other ad networks and their advertisers would take note of a recent ad campaign by Australian agency NetX for Virgin's sponsorship of Clean Up Australia Day which placed blank ad banners all over Australia's Yahoo home page this past Saturday. The ads remained blank unless the mouse was rolled over them which then revealed the messaging you can view here.

Please. PLEASE ad networks and cheesy advertisers, is there really any need at all to place vibrating banners and pop unders which defy blockers? Do you care about consumer sentiment? Your brand? Have you no pride in the industry you represent? Or is it that you don't give a shit and you'll take money from anyone who has it? I thought so.

We'd like to suggest the industry launch its own Clean Up Day with the sole purpose of eradicating the Internet of pop ups, pop unders and all manner of flashing/vibrating/gyrating/system failure/pointless creative that does nothing but piss people off, cause them to install ad blockers which then blocks all the legitimate ads from advertisers who play by the rules and harms publishers who relay on that revenue to survive. Grow some balls. Take a stand. If you don't, every conceivable form of online advertising will end up blocked, content will disappear and you'll have no place to run your shitty ass ad network traffic.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 6-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Opinion   

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