Huge Ass Bike Billboards Hated by Torontoist


Reacting to a Cyclemedia press release which read, in part, "These billboards are impossible to miss and are fully interactive! Get ready for in your face advertising that literally screams from the streets of Toronto," Torontoist wondered, as we do, what the hell is interactive about a bike billboard. Oh, yea, as Torontoist says, it's the eggs that will be thrown at the poor billboard cyclist as he tries to weave his way in and out of pedestrian and automotive traffic on the narrow streets of Toronto.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (5)     File: Bad, Guerilla, Outdoor     Mar-29-06  
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Correction: Torontoist? It is Torontonian. And those "interactive" billorboards are an eyesore.

Posted by: MS on March 29, 2006 10:30 PM

No, in fact, it is the Torontoist. Check the link again, my friend.

Posted by: Steve Hall on March 30, 2006 01:01 AM

I've lived in Toronto most of my life and have never been referred to as, or heard anyone refer to another as a Torontoist...Torontonian is what we say eh...

Posted by: Meaghan Clark on March 30, 2006 02:02 PM

Are you guys nuts? The Torontoist is a website, not a person. Like chigacoist, laist, gotamist, shanghaiist, londonist, phillyist, DCist, austinist,'s an entire network of weblogs, each one covering a specific city.

Posted by: Steve Hall on March 30, 2006 02:51 PM

I dont live in toronto but i have seen something similar to this billboard bike. A kid down the street from my house was taking pictures of his own bike billboard. I got his web address off the billboard. check out this crazy sh*t

Posted by: calloway on August 6, 2006 01:13 AM

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