Clow Reminisces, Bogusky Says Agencies Should Strive For Individuality


Hmm. The last two times Lee Clow and Alex Bogusky got together, the results was mindless puffery. This third video outing, an AdCritic interview video series, actually contains some meat. Of course there was a bit of puffery from Clow who talked about advertisers being cultural artists versus ad guys and how he decorated the city of LA during the 1984 Olympics for Nike but Bogusky brought it all back to Earth. Bogusky mentioned how he had initially modeled CP+B after Clow's agency attempting to mirror Clow's success but then said "it was a really bad idea." Bogusky correctly posits the future of the ad agency business shouldn't be the result of agencies banding together to create a new, similar model because that would simply put the industry back in the same bad place. The message is be different. Do your own thing. Acknowledge and learn from the successes of other but don't copy them.

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I missed the first installment. (downloaded only the sencond and third part)
could anyone post it on or email it to me?



Posted by: Radovan Grezo on April 5, 2006 09:14 AM

Grezo, I'll give you the condensed version:

"Lee, you're great."

"No, Alex, you're great."

"Let's just agree that we're both great."

"Okay. Pass the wine."

Posted by: Bob on April 5, 2006 10:07 AM

"Lee, you're great."

"No, Alex, you're great."

"Did you fart, Lee?"

"Yeah, smells good, doesn't it?"

"Smells F*cking Brilliant, Lee."

"Our farts smell a little different down in Florida though..."

"but that's what it's all about...different smelling farts."

Posted by: Dario on April 5, 2006 12:19 PM

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