Nintendo Keeps Boomers Smart With 'Brain Age'


Eschewing the usual approach to marketing games and, perhaps heeding recent research boomers are the new black, Nintendo has introduced and is marketing a game called Brain Age and is positioning it as a means to exercise the mind and keep one sharp. Writing in MarketingProfs, Karl Long says, "Nintendo is essentially turning market perception on its head, positioning the video game as positive 'mental exercise,' as opposed to the common perception of it being a pointless, mind-numbing activity."

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Games, Trends and Culture     Apr-23-06  
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See "Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter" by Steven Johnson for an excellent exploration of this thesis.

Never feel like you are wasting time again!

Posted by: Faris on April 26, 2006 12:30 AM

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