New Holland Tractor Campaign Gets Farmer Hip


Now if you don't know a farmer, as we do, you simply won't understand this new ad campaign for New Holland farm equipment. But, that won't matter because New Holland doesn't care about you. The yonly car about people with "farmer tans." The campaign was created by Colle+McVoy. See the other three ads here, here>/a> and here.

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To see how hip New Holland really is check out their blog sponsorship on AgWired ( for coverage of the Country Music Association Music Festival starting tomorrow. All the content I created (audio, images, video) will be pre-loaded onto a video iPod which will be won by a lucky winner in a drawing from their booth at the event. Their promotional campaign is tied into a CD promotion with country music star, Michael Peterson. You can follow the posts using this link:

Now this is hip (or should I say "country")!

Posted by: Chuck Zimmerman on June 6, 2006 11:54 PM

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