Coke Copies Mentos, Launches Own Video Contest


Now we know why Coke reacted in such a blase fashion when all those Diet Coke/Mentos videos made the rounds. They didn't want to hype something that might take away publicity from them doing the exact same thing Mentos did: create a contest/site where people can submit videos and win prizes. Now we can envision what it must have been like for Coke spokeswoman Susan McDermott, in reaction to freaked out Coke execs running into her office screaming, "Kill this Mentos thing! Squash it! Eradicate it! We're about to commoditize a grass roots effort and take all the spontaneity out of it! And those fuckers over at Mentos are gonna beat us!" All the poor woman could do was toss off the geyser videos like they were inconsequential when, in reality, they were the very same thing Coke had planned in the first place. Let Mentos steal Coke's thunder? No way. But too bad. They already did.

Anyway, Coke is encouraging people to submit videos that align with the company's new tagline, "The essence of you." The videos will be rated by visitors and then judged by a collection of professional filmmakers. AQKA created the new site.

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A dollar short and a day late?

Posted by: Roy on July 10, 2006 12:05 PM

Not only that, they suggest that we get inspired by watching Coke commercials. And you have to give them a lot of personal info to register, and then the login doesn't work.
Gimme a root beer.

Posted by: B.L. Ochman on July 10, 2006 02:32 PM

I wish Coke had been kept out of the whole thing. It'll work fine with any soda. Diet for some reason having to do with whatever science is behind this and becuase you'll inevitably end up covered in whatever soda you use.

Posted by: carol on July 11, 2006 08:29 AM

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