Moving Child Abuse PSA Accompanied by Johnny Cash's 'Hurt'


Brent points us to this impressive Australian child abuse PSA which features Johhny Cash singing the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt while images of a creepy old dude makes his way towards a sleeping child's room. The spot urges viewers to become a childhood hero since it's not so easy for an abused child to do so on their own.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Good   

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Just wanted to clarify that it was Johnny Cash who sang the original version of "Hurt" and it was Nine Inch Nails who did a cover later on.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. :)

Posted by: J on September 1, 2006 2:45 AM

no Jon, you're sorely mistaken, it's widely known by anyone with a semblance of music knowledge that Trent Reznor originally wrote "Hurt". you can find it on the 1994 album, The Downward Spiral. I think you need to readjust your programming...

Posted by: editorAdotas on September 1, 2006 2:26 PM

As a victim of child abuse I'm disappointed to see that the only comment editorAdotas can come up with is to criticise someone for making a mistake over who originally recorded "Hurt". Anyone with a semblance of decency knows that there are things in life more important than putting others down over a simple mistake. Child abuse for example.

Thank you Brent for posting the link to the ad, it's heartbreakingly effective.

Posted by: Hurt on September 28, 2006 3:50 AM