Ripped From the Lips of Carat's David Verklin: FSIs in Danger!


Recent speculation that Wal-mart and other big box retailers may stop using free standing inserts in newspapers is predicted to cause a giant stampede to the newsstand as the public realizes it can actually read a newspaper without having to wade through an inch thick pile of irrelevant advertising just to catch up on the status of Paris Hilton's ass flap or whether Dick Cheney still exists. While newspapers are said to be in a state of shock over the impending doom, many fail to realize people might actually agree to pay for their product, thus increasing circulation thus increasing ad rates thus increasing revenue, if they could actually find the editorial buried beneath that orgy of advertising known as the FSI. OK so that's cracked logic but, on the other hand, if newspaper publishers finally realize the importance of deodorant that costs five cents less pales in comparison to the important news of who George Clooney will date this week to foil paparazzi, this recent news might not be so hard to swallow. OK, that's cracked logic too but...oh forget it.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Newspaper, Trends and Culture     Oct- 3-06  
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Well this is a pretty nutty comment and your reaction was about the same.
1. Readers equate newspaper advertising as news. Think the Sunday sales are higher because there is more NEWS? Readership studies indicate differently.
It's because of the advertising - including FSI's.
2. What is the alternative that can effectively move butts into the store?
3. Radio Shack - now there's a store to emmulate. Hmmm, didn't they once have a lock on consumer electronics?

Posted by: snake on October 3, 2006 12:58 PM

Well, I think he has finally entered a media space he does not understand. Seeing how a circular is a revenue source for retail, he might want to re-state his position. Try getting retailers and grocers to quit circulars - if you are concerned about brand implications, take a look at what Target has done with their circular program.

Posted by: Media Man on October 3, 2006 02:21 PM

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