Polaris Makes the Best ATVs AndThey'll Kick Your Ass.


Remember the sandbox? In the sandbox it was a big deal to find out who spit further and who could destroy who at mercy. In business things aren't so different.

With the creative help of McKinney in Durham, NC, CEO Tom Tiller of Polaris challenged the CEOs of his industry competitors to an ATV duel. The object was to find out who's better at building ATVs. Polaris won by forfeit, meaning everybody else bitched out (3 declined, 3 acted too cool to answer).

We think Tom Tiller is Awesome (yes, with a capital A) and spent most of the morning playing his Declare a Duel game where, in the spirit of the sandbox, we annihilated each other again and again for critical questions like, "Who's better-looking?" and "Who's more awesome?"

Polaris, we salute you. Hey, a win is a win, and bitching out of a real-live duel is way lamer than losing like a real man. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

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