3D Intestinal Parasites Attack Conference Attendees


We once worked in an agency where one of the B2B clients was in the dermatology space and each month a magazine called Cutis would appear in the mail room. When the magazine arrived, several of us took great pleasure in horrifying the squeamish at the agency by placing copies of the magazine on their desks. The cover of the magazine always featured some disgustingly sick skin affliction, pussing orfice or freakishly huge zit-like thing no one would ever want to see on their own body. What? You thought ad agencies were intellectual institutions staffed by scholarly folk who would never stoop to such antics?

Anyway, though far from the disgusting imagery found on the cover of Cutis, Virbac Animal Health with help from Calise and Sedei thought they'd capture attention at the recent North America Vetrinary Conference last week by using cartoon imagery of intestinal parasites on a 3D floor banner to promote its IVERHART MAX product line. Apparently called anamorphic art, the work was created by street artist Kurt Wenner. While it's always great to see interesting concepts such as this, we can think of nothing more frightening than a bunch of 3D parasites jumping out of the floor at you to insure you stay far, far away from this company's trade show booth lest those parasites come to life and take up residents in your dark places.

by Steve Hall    Jan-22-07   Click to Comment   
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