Ballerina Goes Noir in Virgin's Fresh Footwork


Virgin is known for its ostentatious marketing efforts but they blew us away with Fresh Footwork, a Virgin Money campaign. Leveraging the slogan "Things get more exciting when you say yes," a ballerina traipses across a stage and is paused by an invitation to continue if you push a button marked Yes. With each confirmed Yes her footwork gets darker, sexier and more complex.

We don't want to blow the ending but anything that devolves in loose hair and pyrotechnics has our vote. Great use of interactive media. And the subtle sex appeal gave it a perfect balance of taste and edginess. We like Virgin's fresh footwork.

Created by Glue London, this was the topping-off to Virgin's 2006 Yes campaign in the UK.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (7)     File: Best, Brands, Online     Jan-16-07  
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Unfortunately they were also responsible for the Coke Zero ads, which does more than cancel out any good work since.

Posted by: Jesus Las Vegas on January 16, 2007 12:37 PM

Great concept but after stopping 5 times I no longer appreciate it.

Posted by: Rebekah on January 16, 2007 03:28 PM

Its not 'great interactive' work, its a video that has a button, you click it, it plays more. Poor use of interactivity, I would expect better work from Glue

Posted by: Steve on January 16, 2007 03:39 PM

She's not built like a ballerina. She's not even on pointe. I knew she was a stripper.

Posted by: lerier on January 16, 2007 05:54 PM

beauty of a piece is not always in it's interactivity but in it's visual style and quality of execution. Its simple, but works.
A simple voice, single message, single button, can carry better than an overt interactive experience where the message is lost.

Posted by: anon on January 17, 2007 06:37 AM

very nice, agree with the above post, doesn't need to be some highly interactive piece. looks beautiful and extends the strapline really well

Posted by: andy on January 17, 2007 06:46 AM

That girl should bite me. All you losers know she is HOT!!!

Posted by: Rex on January 20, 2007 12:25 AM

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