Characters Go Buggy in Sex Tape-Turned-PSA


Brazilians can keep things hot. YouTube was recently shut down in Brazil after model Daniela Cicarelli won an injunction against them for perpetuating a video of her and a boyfriend having sex on the beach.

Why do celebrities act confounded after getting caught having sex in public? Let's just make it a rule of thumb that, famous or not, public sex conceives sex tapes. We've accepted it. Why can't they?

YouTube's back online. And apart from titillating millions of viewers the tape may do more good. Agency Escala modeled a guerilla effort after it for the Health Secretary of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, who wanted an educational tool for dengue fever, a virus hosted by a mosquito native to South Brazil.

You've still got the steamy beach scene and the pair getting kinky in shallow water. Except instead of the model and her boyfriend, they're mosquitos. (Of course.)

The final message reads: "The dengue mosquito reproduces in water. Remove standing water from discarded tires and bottles. Put earth in flower pots. And don't forget to cover pools and water tanks."

We tried coming up with a PSA angle for the Paris Hilton tape but failed. Few other species have awkward drugged-up sex in a seedy room. None that we know of, anyway. Though the thought of making them hyenas just for shits and giggles, and turning the bedroom into a psychedelic cave, was funny for a minute or two.

Update: A copy of the video with English subtitles is here.

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