DeLorean Harks Back ... from the Past


There's something to be said about bloggers. They're geeky, sure, but they're also taste agents who give tech monuments from the past deserved due.

That's why we're less than surprised - pleased, even - to find a DeLorean revival inching its way into geek salience. Get a refurbished model or even paint it like these guys did so you don't have to stress over the fingerprint-friendly steel. We agree with Rob at Wired that painting the thing is sacrilege but to call the original DeLorean high-maintenance would be an understatement - it could do with an upgrade or two, or three, or ten.

Crave leads the revival with exhausting enthusiasm. Considering the impractical '80's flop only ever really served a purpose in Back to the Future, we're not sure what people will do if the DeLorean ever comes back from the dead. It could definitely use some updating, which is always an tender topic for throwback purists. We imagine at the very least it'll be handy for remembering why some things should remain fodder for nostalgic pot-induced sojours into the past. See, even today the DeLorean remains well-suited for time travel.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (0)     File: Good, Trends and Culture     Jan-26-07  
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