Nightmare Clients Offer to Bare Breasts As Creative Inspiration


BLM Flint Creative Director Guy Blaskey took on the Apprentice/Donnie Deutsch role in the UK's Wag Boutique, an ITV1 reality series that pits two teams of UK football player's wives and girlfriends against each other in a clothing shop competition. Each of the teams hired BLM Flint to create their identity and promotional campaigns and Blaske found himself in the middle of a nightmare.

At first, the nightmare wasn't so bad with soccer wife and Page Three model Nicola T offering to bare her breasts for creative inspiration and soccer wife Krystelle Sidwell giving him the full on flirting treatment. Unfortunately, the fun devolved into the usual idiocy with the two teams taking on the role of nightmare clients.

Blaskey said of the experience, "I was initially surprised how switched on, determined and knowledgeable the girls were, but it soon descended into farce. The Bows team were the perfect clients, apart from Nicola wanting to show me her breast. But working with the 'Better Half' team was a living hell, they were worse than the worst clients."

The idiocy continued with Blaskey noting, "The Better Half team constantly argued and had no idea what they wanted. They hated their name but no one took responsibility for it. Because they hated the name they hated the logo but wouldn't take advice. Even when they finalised the logo they called me an hour later and changed their minds. They were like your worst client times ten."

Hmm, maybe even naked breasts don't make up for a client horror show. Nah. We'll take naked breasts any time we can even if they are attached to a nightmarish client.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Agencies, Racy, Television     Jan-23-07  
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