Printer Colours Get Sloppy, Outlast Bartender


We laughed ourselves to pieces when we saw this ad for Brother Innobella's DCP-330 C printer. To promote the theme "Colours that stay longer," three oblivious wankers dressed like printer colours hang out past their welcome at a closing bar. Work is by Duval Guillaume, Antwerp.

The douchey be-suited hangers-on drew comparisons between Teletubbies and The Wiggles, two kid shows we find strange but obnoxiously watchable for a reason that lies beyond us. We generally just contribute it to dysfunction on our part but this ad made us feel better because we think somewhere behind Duval Guillaume's walls are a few creative directors suffering the same affliction.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-29-07   Click to Comment   
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This shot was taken by a belgian photographer:
Koen Demuynck

Posted by: Andi Popescu on January 6, 2009 12:25 PM