Stashwax, SNL Duke it Out Over Who Spoofed Anti-Semite First


Stashwax makes a Braveheart spoof with the anti-Semitic comments Gibson made during his Malibu DUI arrest. Saturday Night Live does the same thing (but slightly better) with Apocalypto. We have to admit Gibson makes the pairing of his melodramatic films and drunken bigoted hyperbole a little irresistible.

Despite this inarguable fact, Stashwax has its panties in a twist over SNL's outright piracy of "their" idea, even showcasing this momentous battle on their homepage. Stashwax President Lloyd Grenache tastefully adds, "Stay off our gags [...] Gibson is our Anti-Semite - go find your own."

Looks like Stashwax is trying to leverage itself by suggesting it's SNL's only logical media nemesis. And we're sure we haven't seen the end of one-upmanship between TV and the 'net. But there's really no contest here. South Park has long owned Mel Gibson with its own artful rendering way back when Passion of the Christ came out. Sorry.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-10-07   Click to Comment   
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SNL has to resort to theft now that Fey left. Those writers have been creating crap this year.

And John Stewart's writers steal from my blog CONSTANTLY.

Posted by: Jetpacks on January 10, 2007 1:45 PM

Everyone steals from me!

Posted by: Arnold Schwarzenegger on January 10, 2007 2:29 PM

Stashwax needs to get its own stuff together, Adobe hasn't seen fit to update Flash for Linux yet.

Guess I'll never know what cra- er, wonderful stuff they have on their broken site...

Posted by: Michael on January 10, 2007 3:24 PM

Having taken the time to watch both videos, I can honestly say they aren't that similar at all.

Stashwax made a trailer that dubs over Gibson's braveheart dialouge with pretty random anti-semetic things like "I hate all the Jews." "We're gonna steal their dreidels. Knock off their yarmulkes. Take back our land." and "Hey Jew, *right before whacking a solder with his sword*" Other characters are done in jew'ish' accents and call Gibson a shmuck.

SNL recut an Apocalypto trailer and added subtitles taken (mostly) from gibson's rant. It may seem similar on paper, but just watch the videos for yourself..

Both videos used footage from a Mel Gibson movie to recut a trailer that made fun of his recent rantings. Other than that... Stashwax's claim of being "looted" for "comedy gold" is pretty weak.

(personal opinion: Stashwax's writers are either pissed that someone did a better job than them, or they're trying to capitalize on the coincidence to gain some notority and comedy-cred)

Posted by: James on January 10, 2007 7:47 PM

The StashWax skit sucked. They are just trying--and apparently succeeding--to get some free publicity. Unfortunately there isn't anything good or inviting on their site to take advantage of the traffic they are probably getting now.

Posted by: Eli Feldblum on January 11, 2007 4:38 AM

Stash Wax's version sucks. Not Shame on them for being another asshole cog in the litigation machine.

Posted by: Bucky Turco on January 11, 2007 10:12 AM