Venetian Princess Gives Glimpse of Royal(ly Delusional) Living


YouTube gives birth to at least 15 would-be celebs per day. Stars lamenting the loss of private lives seem undeserving of their place in our hearts when so many are willing to sacrifice theirs for virtually nothing.

That includes less prevalent royals like Venetian Princess, who claims to be far from the average Echo Boomer dancing around in her bedroom.

An Italian dauphine over whom Brad Pitt and XBox-loving husband Hector are fighting, the Princess conducts tours of her castle and stoops to plebeian levels to do her own graphics and video editing.

She's not super funny but the video in which she tries to work out what's so great about XBox is probably among her best. Mission Impossible-style, she lurks around her bedroom in black gloves and shoots bullets out of vacuum cleaners, a playful approach to the ennui that attacks those idly awaiting hubby's return.

She's able to poke fun at herself, a lucky thing considering the pretentious line she walks. We were ready to throw down but it's hard to pwn the crap out of somebody who makes all the jokes first.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-23-07   Click to Comment   
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She is actually quite popular on youtube, with a lot of fans. Very talented lovely girl. I'm happy for her success.

Posted by: Rich on February 1, 2007 3:10 AM