Bayer Gets Initiative, talent Zoo Gets Naked Again

- Bayer has consolidated its $200 million media buying and planning with Initiative. Previously, OMD handled planning.

- Talent Zoo is re-introducing the Naked Career with Sally Hogshead and the first interview will be with Seth Godin will discuss the industry's need for reinvention.

- Google buys in-game ad firm Adscape. Is there anything Google isn't going to buy?

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Agencies, Games, Podcast     Feb-18-07  
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So has anybody ever asked the question "why worship Seth Godin?"

As far as I can tell, he made his mark on the world by selling a dot com at the height of the mania.

But boy he sure can market himself.

And maybe that's enough.

Posted by: Special Eric on February 19, 2007 04:12 PM

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