Interactive Installations Spice Up Brand Experience


To liven up the boring auto show and to provide some customized interactivity with an automotive brand, Mindflood along with experience marketing company George P. Johnson teamed to create some very impressive consumer experiences for Acura and Scion. We can remeber going to auto shows and thinking it was cool just to touch the car ans sit inside it. That's so yesterday. The Acura Interactive Oracles and the Scion Mix it Up Experience give people so much more to play with including complete vehicle customization, t-shirt creation and a complete interactive experience of the vehicle.

The installations have ported the interactive nature of the Internet and acknowledges the power of interactivity and its ability to improve message delivery. Mindflood Creative Director Chris Lund sees the future of this trend, saying, "Clothing stores will have installations allowing people to put together outfits before ever actually trying them on. Museums, already a leader in installation usage, will continue to use them even more. And I would expect to see installations trickling into schools and colleges, since people learn so much better when they are part of the experience, rather than just reading it out of a book."

Yes, please. Marketers. Make our lives more fun with your marketing. You know you can do it and your customers will love you for it. OK? Lecture over.

by Steve Hall    Feb-21-07   Click to Comment   
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