Overweight, Sex-Changed Miller Cat Fight 'Girls' Back For Super Bowl


OK, this is just gross. There's a reason why hot women (and men) are allowed to take their shirts off and strut their stuff for the general public's appreciation. That's the reason why that 2003 Miller Catfight Super Bowl spot received so much notoriety. While Miller did create a male hottie version of the pool/mud wrestling spot, the two guys in that ad stopped short of having an actual fight and got all "sensitive man" on us to which, we wrote, "Oh please...can't they just beat the shit out of each other like the girls did in the mud wrestling spot?"

Now, it seems, Miller has taken our advice (sort of) and remade the commercial just like the original female version but with the sexes switching roles. Trouble is, they didn't have two hot guys take over the female parts. They had two fat dudes stand in who, ultimately, strip down to their gigantic underwear and fight while their fat wobbles like two over-sized breasts gyrating uncontrollably, bulging out of a four-cup-sizes-too-small bikini top as the owner of said breasts runs down the beach while all men stand at attention and stare.

OK, that analogy connotes something completely different and no where close to how you'll feel after watching this spot. . More accurately, the two fatties remind us of those people who ride around in "fat carts" with their gut hanging down between their legs making one wonder how a person like that can ever access their genitals. Thankfully, the real Cat Fight girls make an appearance.

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This is actually a spot produced and created for iFilm's Super Bowl coverage.

Posted by: Nick on February 4, 2007 4:33 PM

I still think it's gross.

Posted by: Steve Hall on February 4, 2007 5:40 PM