Youtube Awards Yield New Blogebrities


Youtube's 2006 video awards is over and winners are receiving a reception once experienced only by winners of MTV's VMA in the early '90's. The breakdowns follow.

OK Go wins Most Creative for Here It Goes Again, closely followed by Where the Hell is Matt? Why that deserves "Most Creative" we'll never know, but whatever. Apparently the universe awards gamers who dance and civil engineers who sing in equal measures of WTF.

Most Inspirational gets bagged by Free Hugs Campaign, followed by Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home by Bye2Love. Ho hum.

Ask a Ninja gets Best Series, of course, followed by Ask a Gay Man. Of course.

The boys of Smosh get Best Comedy for Stranded, followed by HappySlip's Mixed Nuts, which for us is unbearably, painfully funny for reasons we can't immediately disclose but which would probably be obvious if you could attend our next family party.

Terranaomi nails Best Music for Say It's Possible, followed by Pancakes.

Hotness Prevails/Worst Video Ever gets Best Commentary (can you believe that category exists?) and Telling It All Part 1 by Geriatric 1927.

Finally, Kiwi! - which left us with the most profound sense of despair imaginable - wins Most Adorable, followed by The Original Cuppycake Video.

Congrats to the rock stars of Web 2.0. Use your newfound recognition well, and don't start blowing coke because we heard that's a slippery slope.

by Angela Natividad    Mar-27-07   Click to Comment   
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